Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Playing Catch Up || Project 366

Even though I'm not working I somehow ended up being really busy last week, so I have to play catch up with my 366 project. Here are a few pictures from my first week back in Canada. Most are taken with my phone as it was a bit more convenient. I'm finally back to my using my Nikon with the lovely 35mm!

{65/366 - reunited}
Clara, Albert and I. We've been best friends since I was 10 years old. He drove from Ohio to surprise me. It was a pretty awesome start to my life back in Canada.

{66/366 - kimchi}
On my second day back my family and I went to Toronto. We had to stop by the Korean grocery store. Even though I wasn't in Korea it looks like I never left. Kimchi festival!

{67/366 - driving}
I can drive again!

{68/366 - perogies}
Perogies are so so so so good. I didn't have them ONCE in Korea and it's because nobody knows what they are. Only if you're Canadian, Mennonite, or European will you know what these are. Just looking at this picture makes me hungry. 

{69/366 - rusty pole}
my phone wouldn't focus, but I really liked the green and red on this rusty pole

{70/366 - outside chats}
i was catching up with a friend Friday morning through video chat. it was too nice to do it inside so i sat on my steps and chatted. the weather is unusually warm. the normal temperature is 5 degrees Celsius but it's 25 these days!

{71/366 - goodbye winter}
march 19th is the last day of winter. as i walked to my parent's house i noticed that the trees were starting to bud already. whenever i see this i get really excited. if the trees are ready to grow and turn into something beautiful i know i can't just sit around and be lazy. 

{72/366 - Waterloo, Ontario, Canada}
there's the Waterloo flag, the Canadian flag and the Ontarian flag. 


  1. yes. now i am in some of these blog posts haha

  2. It's so great to see updates of your life in Canada!! I LOVE perogies used to eat them in mother Russia ^^ Looking forward to seeing more updates ;D

    1. I'm so glad you know what perogies are!

  3. Replies
    1. It's so weird how it's so natural. You should try driving in Aussie though!

  4. 366! you're a rockstar... we were going to 365 out here but so far its been an epic fail. maybe starting in april?

    1. Sometimes it's so hard when you do the same thing every day, but I think you should do it!

    2. thanks for the encouragement to do it... i think i should too... we'll see.


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