Saturday, February 2, 2013

people are worth it || life

A few days ago I posted a funny image on my facebook on a guide to understanding introverts. It got me thinking about the way I, as an introvert, interact with others. 

I may be introverted but I'm not quiet. Actually, I can be obnoxiously loud especially while telling a story or explaining something really exciting. I also talk a lot. Sometimes too much, especially if I've been in environments where I don't get to talk too much.

I'm also not shy. I can talk to strangers, I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends. 
Though there are times I need my downtime to recharge, I value quality time with people. My love language is quality time - I feel the most loved when I spend good quality time with my family and friends. Even if I've just met you but our time was well spent, I know I've made a good friend. 

It's funny because even though my love language is quality time, and I value the quality time I do have with people, but because I need to be alone to recharge it takes so much out of me to get out there. I'm terribly bad at keeping appointments. If I'm supposed to meet you at 10am and I get up at 8:30am, I'll probably ask if we can meet at 10:30am so that I have enough time to sit around, 'charge' and then go out. I used to wake up at 6:30am to get to work for 8:30am even though my kids didn't come in until 9:30am. I needed that extra hour to sit around and do nothing before I interacted with them. Terrible habit and I'm thankful for the people that have been so gracious about it. 

There are times that I use my personality as a reason to not be with people. If we're completely honest with ourselves it's daunting to be invested in others. It's draining, and at times, even burdensome. If I just want to avoid getting close with people, or if I'm exhausted, I always say, "I just need my alone time" so they know they're not the problem, but it's just the way I am. We've been conditioned to not talk about our feelings, so when someone does its tough to listen to. We don't validate's people's feelings as much as we should and that's could be why it's tiring listening to others. 

But people should be worth sacrificing your comfort for - at least for an hour or two. This past week I learned of really devastating news regarding a very close friend of mine. Though I'm someone who thinks a lot, I avoid thinking of death and emotionally-charged things. I don't know how to think about those things. But this week I've been pushed to think of things I've avoided for a long time.  

Time is precious, people can be with you one moment and gone the next, and that the people in your life should always be worth your time. Your time and your presence is a gift no one can ever give. 

I'm an introvert, but it doesn't mean I don't like being with people. Give me a little nudge and reminder to get my hamster ball rolling. 


  1. Love this post (and the new layout too) Hannah! I'm kinda the same way =)

  2. I read this in unbelief because you seemed to describe my personality as you were analyzing myself.

    It also gave me a deeper look into the CONS of my personality. Thank you Hannah, I love coming here.

    p.s. love the new layout

  3. i so understand this. i see this and introversion as a commonality with bloggers... we like to express ourselves through writing because we can better communicate that way. i am sorry about the news about your friend. i pray God comforts you in your alone time and that He speaks through the people you spend time with.

  4. Oh Hannah, I don't even know where to begin. First I'll say, thank you coming by my blog and following. It makes me happy when I meet cool new bloggers.

    Second, are we twins and didn't know it? I read every word on this post thinking, "um, how does she know me so well?" haha - That is exactly how I am - loud, friendly, not shy, yet an introvert.

    Love this post & your blog - definitely following.


  5. Perfect timing for me to read this e-mail! Just yesterday I was thinking about how tired I am of meeting "new" people, or getting to know "new" people, I already have people I want to invest time in. But as an extrovert, I usually always want to be with people. I realized it was the enemy attacking my gift for getting to know and meet people. I love welcoming others into my life. That being said, we need a skype date!

  6. I recently had an event that also reminded me of how short life is. As an introvert, I totally get how hard it is somedays to invest in people. People are always worth the investment though!

  7. I'm exactly the same way and definitely had quality time as my love language, too! And I never really thought of myself as needing a time to charge up, but I do and I love that term.

    But you're right, people are definitely worth the investment of time. It's definitely hard sometimes, but so worth it. :)

  8. love this (and that picture!) my husband is an introvert and i am an extrovert so i totally understand (kinda). lol

    i am a new follower and so excited to be here!!!

  9. Oh, we sounds so similar! "Introverted but not quiet" -exactly!

    I also need to make sure I wake up before Raeca each day to get a little time to myself. I find if she wakes up before me and I don't have any alone time it throws my whole day off!

    Love this post -and love your updated blog!

  10. I'm kinda like you.=) I love how you worded this.


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