Wednesday, January 30, 2013

changes || life

I'm back! Actually, to be honest, I didn't do quite so well on my media-fast being in a media-centered program. I did make sure to be intentional with my time and what I was doing with the computer/anything media related. 

There are some changes to my blog. First, I'm not longer operating under The domain name expired about a few days ago and I decided to switch back to having a blogger domain for now until I figure out what I should commit to.

I decided to make some changes. This blog is going to be my personal life blog. I want to be free with what I write and share, but keep it a bit separate from my photojournalism things. 
I've decided to have a tumblr for my photojournalism related photos. Check it out! 
I'm also in the process of deciding how to make a real website.

A lot has happened in the month of January.
I'm mentoring a few more girls.
I'm shooting a LOT more than I ever did. I guess I feel more motivated. Once you get into the grind of things it becomes a part of you. I'm producing work I actually like. Before I took pictures for the sake of an assignment.
I'm experimenting with my flash so my pictures can turn out better. 

I moved into a new house where I live with one girl and her two cats. The one cat won't leave me alone. 
I'm making new friends at school. I'm enjoying their presence and the fact that we connect and can talk for hours even though we're still getting to know each other. 
I am eating much healthier after I did the Daniel fast. It's cheaper too.
I'm working out at least 1 or 2 times a week. It's better than last year where I didn't do anything.
One of my goals was to go to one event a week. So far it's been working out.
I started to read The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. What a powerful book. I recommend it!

My friend started an online magazine called Re.write Magazine. Check it out! Link is also on the side.

“No hatred” - Corrie Ten Boom 

As this month has come by, I came to a deep realization of how I want to live. I want to live by hope. It's easy to despair or be cynical in life, but I don't find that it helps. I want to live against what's the norm. Despite naturally being a cynical and critical person, I'm going to choose hope. It doesn't come naturally. We'll always hear disheartening words, but find the sound of hope in your life. It restores your mind, soul and spirit.

I have much more to share, but I'll leave it at that for now. I want to commit to at least 2 entries a week!

Here are a few photos from January!
lots of cooking
my groceries for january
housewarming party at the guys' house
tech & media team
mailboxes by my house


  1. lol I like the photo with everyone.. I assume this is maybe the attic? But it looks like it's a silly pic except Kris is totally doing his posing... makes me laugh.

  2. I love that mailbox photo! Started following you on Tumblr -I don't really do anything on there any more but I want to see more of your awesome photojournalism!!


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