Thursday, January 3, 2013

dear 2013 || life

Dear 2013,
                 I'm really excited for you. Your older sister, 2012, turned out to be amazing. So much increase and newness came with 2012.
                 This year I am expecting to live in faith, hope and love. Along with those I know peace, joy and goodness will follow. I look forward in anticipation. I'm excited for the new people I will meet, the new places I will visit and the new things I will accomplish. 
                 I am excited to be stretched as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a mentor, as a photographer and as a person. I'm ready. 2013, you're another opportunity for me to do better than last year but to do it all under the umbrella of grace. Mistakes will be made, but there's no need to despair. Mistakes are necessary to grow. 
                 I ask for new and challenging opportunities. I ask for wise words to permeate in my heart. I ask for joyful experiences. I ask for love to be poured out. 
                 I will be wise with my time and resources. Guide me to the right people and in the right direction. Let not a single minute of my day be wasted. Rather, let me lavish my time and resources on people. I'm here for them. Challenge my introvert nature to love fearlessly and faithfully. 
                I can't do anything on my own, so thank you Holy Spirit for the privilege to join you on your adventures for this upcoming year. I will go where you go. I will be as light and free as a feather. 

                                                                                         Yours truly, 
                                                                                                            Hannah Love


  1. this is a beautiful letter Hannah!:)

  2. What a beautiful prayer! Manny blessings and happy new year sweet girl! love Katie

  3. Beautifully written :) Remember when we talked about our new year's resolutions for 2012? I specifically remember working on one project at a time and learning more web design hehe

    I miss you, Hannah! We received your postcard and it made me chuckle.

  4. this is beautiful, truly beautiful. you are filled with such awe hannah that i feel so inspired by you. happy new year, i hope this year will be as wonderful as you

  5. This is great, Hannah. 2013 is going to be such a good year!


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