Monday, September 3, 2012

Time of Transition || life

I've moved in to my new place in Belleville. It's a bit of a weird situation since I'm all alone. Luckily I'm an introvert so this isn't too much of a problem. Since I'm avoiding unpacking and organizing my room, I decided to edit a few photos from a wedding my sister and I did last night.

Although I always loved looking at wedding photos, after my first one I didn't think I'd ever do one. I'm still so new at it so the stress of making sure I get everything can be overwhelming at times. But yesterday was a ton of fun. Josh and Katie were amazing to work with. They're so much fun and will do anything to make sure everyone around them is having a good time. It was a great way to end my summer. It was an honour to be part of their wedding and it definitely gave me confident for the next one! Photos to come soon!

As most of you know I'm here in Belleville for photojournalism. It's a 2 year college diploma program. I've questioned many times why I ended up coming here and what the whole purpose of this transition is. I know it has to do more than school so I'm excited about that. Life has to be more than about photography and going to school and having a career. I don't want to limit my opportunities and the big or little doors that I will come across.

As the days approached to today I felt that I needed to be open to whatever may happen. There's a bigger purpose to why I'm here on my own.

Times of transition are normally difficult, but for once I'm not feeling anxious or regretful of this decision. I'm so blessed to be covered with prayers of so many wonderful people. Here we go. It's a time of transition, but really all things are the way they're supposed to be.

By the way, this is a question for my regular commenters. Do you prefer if I e-mail you a response or should I just reply on the blog. I'm not sure if you get the reply if I reply to you on the blog, so let me know! And if I don't reply directly please know that I'm VERY blessed and am always doing my best to keep up to date with your blog and your life if it's possible! This blog is always in transition and you're awesome for supporting me so much! 


  1. cute pic!! i prefer emailed comments. it gets confusing when some people are no-reply, though.

  2. Yea for the new move! Hope everything is going smoothly and have fun with the unpacking (I've moved quite a bit myself, and I have a strange love for unpacking) =)

  3. CONGRATS on the photojournalism schooling - I hope you continue to enjoy photography. It has always interested me but I've never pursued it. Best of luck, Hannah. :-)

  4. congratulations hannah on your big move! i can't wait to hear more.

  5. You ladies are so pretty! I wish you the best with your schooling and new ventures! :)


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