Monday, July 23, 2012

greater things ahead || life

I looked out the window tonight and saw this. The clouds were unreal. So big, so captivating, so beautiful but so far away. Sometimes life doesn't make sense to me. More often than I like, I feel if I let go of something I'll get something worse in return. I don't know if I'm having some quarter-life crisis, but I've never been so introspective of my life until now. 

Thank you C.S Lewis for your words of wisdom and hope. The future has yet to be written so nothing is set in stone. The possibilities of where my life will go are endless. I'm mentally drained from fighting myself everyday. 

Surrender || I'll try
Trust || who?
Love || Impossible
Be free || how?

I can't be the author of my life anymore. 

God, knowing that you are Lord over my life should make this easier right? 
You're a better story-writer anyway. 


  1. true.
    "the hardest part is letting go not taking part" -coldplay

  2. this is so great! glad i read it this morning. :)

  3. Lewis does bring comfort doesn't he? The other day I was reminded about how we live in the shadowlands while on this side of heaven... Meaning we live in the hope of better things to come =)

    1. Mmm I like that about living in the shadowlands and there really are better things to come! thanks natalie

  4. Life is for learning, don't give up hope. :)

  5. Life is such a... challenge! It doesn't make sense most the time. :-)

  6. God IS the best writer, isnt he? you are secure with Him writing :) and i love how you call it a "quarter life crisis!"

  7. Love this! I find that my own expectations of how things "should" go sometimes interfere with what the Lord has for me, so it's a struggle. I'm learning to let go, and look to find gratitude and grace in each situation:) so glad I found your blog! love Katie

  8. beautiful words as always. oh that CS lewis. perfect!!
    xo TJ

  9. hannah! i nominated your sweet blog for a liebster award! check it out here:

    have a great day! :)


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