Friday, May 18, 2012

Bolivia is Beautiful || Rewind

From June to August in 2009 I went to Santa Cruz in Bolivia for a short mission trip. When I look back I mix of emotions arise. I'm regretful for a lot of my shortcomings and inability to really help, but at the same time I loved the city and what I go to see of this country. I love South American/Latin culture. It is beautiful and a lot of the countries haven't been tainted by the Western culture. At least in Bolivia, they have a lot of people who have resisted any American or European influence.

It's been about 3 years and I hope to go back one day. I'd love to see the rest of South America.

It's funny looking at how far I've come also in my photography. Back then I was so clueless as to what the aperture was or shutter speed or ISO. My handy D40 and 18-55mm lens did the job and got me started. Now as I get new gear I can't wait to travel the world and do these countries some justice to show what is unseen and hidden to the rest of the world.

By the way, if you haven't tried empanadas yet, you must! Bolivian ones. I've tried other ones from Argentina and Paraguay, but they are the best in Bolivia.

Has anyone else visited South America or Central America?


  1. these are great pictures! even the money is colorful :-]

  2. awesome pictures!! you may have been new with the camera, but these pictures are still great!! i've never been but i hope to, it looks so darn beautiful!!

  3. I met a guy from Chile yesterday. I told him my sister went to Bolivia. Lets go on an adventure... !!

  4. wow! this place looks gorgeous :)


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