Wednesday, November 28, 2012

time of transition || life

The month of November is already coming to an end. It's been an incredible year and I can't wait for December. I've got a few writing assignments to do, a few quizzes and then I'm off to Australia to hang out with one of my best friends. December is going to end with time with family and friends at our end of the year retreat, The Well

I'm sure you've noticed the number of blog posts have dwindled down to almost nothing. I've done probably 4 or 5 since I've been in school. It's a time of transition for me. I think we're always going through a process in life. None of us have reached our final destination. I would hate to think this is the end. Even if I reach my goal of getting married, having a good career, having a kid or two - I don't want that to be the end. There's always more to life than we can see right now. It's not a matter of contentment, but rather knowing there's more for you. Enjoy the moment, but don't get stuck.

Times of transitions are always uncomfortable. I have to always adjust. My learning curve goes up super high and I make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes it'd be easier if someone told me exactly everything I have to do so I won't have to make any mistakes or look like a fool. 

But that's not how life goes. I'm someone who has to make mistakes if I want to learn something. In almost all my assignments I make a lot of mistakes but I gain so much insight and wisdom through them. 

When things get rough, boring or uneasy I say silly things like "I wish I could just start my life." But this is my life. I don't know if an ideal life really exists. It gets worse when I look at other people's lives and feel a pressure to be somewhere I'm not. I think it's always bad news when you force, manipulate or cheat your way into something. If you rush into something that isn't ready and that you're not ready for, it's messy. 

Learn to be faithful and excellent in the small things. We all long for greatness, but if we can't grow in the small things we can't handle the greater things. It's ok to be hidden and unknown for a time being. It the grand scheme of things, it's only for a second. Times of transition should be welcomed. I've tried to resist for a while, but I think I'm finally ok with it. 

Faith is being sure of what we do not see and certain of what we hope for. Don't let what you see now determine how you live. 


  1. agreeeeeeeed!
    and get ready for a wicked time in OZ my friend!

  2. can so relate to everything you said hannah. praying for you with all the wonderful, exciting things going on!!

  3. So relatable Hannah! Love how you talk about being faithful in the small things though =)

  4. life is just wonderful isn't it? the best thing to do is to enjoy life and learn from life
    i hope you have a blast in australia! whereabouts will you be travelling? come visit melbourne (i live there!)

  5. I love this. Yes, transition is always uncomfortable but when you get to the other side it is so worth it.

    And that shot is fabulous! (again)


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