Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Monsters Calling Home || music

My friend would always be posting and raving about these guys on facebook. I decided to check them out and I'm so glad I did. If you haven't seen them perform, check out their surprise Jimmy Kimmel performance. I just bought their EP on itunes and it's been on repeat for the whole day!

I love the passion behind what they do. You can tell they love what they're doing and are very connected to the music they write and perform.

Here is their bio from their bandcamp site
We are Monsters Calling Home, a group of young Korean folk living in Los Angeles. Deeply into music and our maker, we hope to put on honest and heartfelt performances wherever we are asked. We dance thrice every night with bright eyes in a city of colour while arcades catch fire. We play loud and soft and sing about folks we know, we want to be, and we imagine in the dark.

Go check them out. This song, Foxbeard, is powerful.

I knew a man who found a forest overseas 
He grew his beard like the grounds bear trees 
Callous his hands, his heart bled dry 
He kept his fire in the clutch of his eyes 

He painted with a dark stroke, dirty on the canvas 
Creation was holy but we chose against it 
The devil knows he’s evil no need to proclaim 
It’s the choices we make that bring glory to his name 

Mr. Fox I know you’ve got a secret to tell 
But folks we live just to hear ourselves 
Talk, talk talk 
Non stop stop stop 
And it goes goes goes 
Until we know, know, know 
Know not what we say 
Know not what we do 

I knew a lady lost the forest for the trees 
She grew a lust to bury all underneath 
She cut to their heart, she bled them dry 
She kept her fire burning up to the sky 

She’s building up her kingdom of sticks and stones 
I hear the words in between they tend to never hold 
Was she living ever after or making belief 
She kept away from the heart the things unseen 

I don’t want to be your monkey boy 
But my cymbals are crashing 
My teeth oh they chatter 
Cause I’m cold, cold, cold 
Without your claps, claps, claps 
And I don’t know, know know 
If this is ever, ever gonna stop


  1. oh my goodness wow. thanks for sharing.

  2. oh my. they are SO good. thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thanks for sharing Hannah! And I love the new layout look =D

  4. oh gosh the lyrics are so beautiful. it's such a sweet story. thank you for sharing


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