Thursday, May 3, 2012

start over || my life

I just finished reading Sundi Jo's blog on why she quit blogging which then led me to discover this e-book called "Starting Over: A Manifesto on Being Yourself". I don't know why I decided to read it but I'm so grateful that I did. It's all written out by hand and really easy for us social-media addicts since he writes no more than 20 words on a page. It takes less than 10 minutes to read.

He talks about creativity and how it got lost in the midst of blogging because he followed blogging 'rules' and 'formulas'.
Here is a short excerpt from the book that made me laugh and also cringe at the same time because I see it in a lot of blogs and found myself thinking, "I have to follow the formula!" After reading this book I think I really need to take a break from this blogging world. I'm being so bombarded with all the other blogs and can't help but compare myself and feel inadequate. I need to recharge and be creative without the noise from every other blogger out there. Maybe not quit or take a break, but there's a need to start over and sometimes you have to do it more than a few times.

Here's the blogging formula I used- write a catch and or misleading title
- tell a weird personal story
- apply personal story to profound lesson
-make post short and scannable 
- ask question @ end
RINSE. REPEAT. and you have yourself a "successful" blog. (32, 33)

Go over here to download it! You won't regret the short read.
He ends the book really well.

"Because the world needs your unique and different voice. so dont' be afraid to give it to them. after all, it's the voice God has chosen for you and you alone"


  1. thanks for sharing, going to go check them both out right now!

  2. I can relate to the whole comparison of blogs, and I'm definitely going to take a look at that e-book! =)


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