Tuesday, May 8, 2012

really on a break || my life

A few days ago, as my cousins were having tea, I got called out for being a faker. I was supposed to be on a social media fast but I was still blogging and checking twitter/facebook from time to time. So I decided to take a real break. So I'm really on a break and it's good. I'll blog when I want to, I'll check facebook when I want to and tweet when I want to, not when I think I have to.

I still read your blogs and I hope that when I'm back you'll read mine. thank you for being a faithful reader of my humble blog.


  1. haha cousins are the best :]
    i look forward to reading your posts, no matter how sporadic!

  2. Hope to see you whenever you come back!:)

  3. Good luck, Hannah!
    All I do and care about is my blog.
    I don't do or check Twitter and facebook probably once a day or twice a day.
    I do instagram a lot instead though !!!!

  4. you go girl. it's so freeing doing a media fast. i'm almost jealous of you haha! enjoy your time "away"!!

  5. haha i got called out for worse things.. see you soon


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