Wednesday, May 23, 2012

my summer in mtv titles || guest post

This is the first time I'm having a guest post on my blog. I don't know what this means but I'm excited. I don't know how Bekkah found me, but in the past few months she has been such an amazing encouragement to me and my blog. What I love most about her blog is her honesty. She has a way with words to show what she's learning or what she's going through. I asked her to share what she'll be doing this summer. I love hearing about people's summer plans, so I guess thats what these upcoming guest posts will be about. I'm really excited for Bekkah. When God does new things in the lives of those 'around' us (even blog friends) I get really stoked! Enjoy and go follow her! 
hello there hannah grammers!!

bekkah here, from rebekkah made whole. i have been asked by my sweet new cyber friend to guest post about my summer plans, but i wanted to start with last year. 

last june was true life: i'm a church planter. i had the wonderful opportunity to intern for a friend as he started renaissance church - a bilingual christian community in manitoba, canada. most of what made it such a great summer, was the care free nature of my heart. our living arrangements and budget had been all worked about before we got there, so we "didn't have to worry" about anything. we could focus on meeting new people and telling them about Jesus. and hang out and have fun and serve the people in our temporary community.

as a recent graduate, this june marks the beginning of the real world berkeley: from southern college student to west coast working girl. i'll be joining my older sister in berkeley, california and hopefully starting a new job. sometime in july we'll probably be apartment hunting in the berkeley area, and i'll be getting used to the new cost of living, haha. i've already been perusing different properties online, so the sticker shock is wearing away a little. but regardless of how much anything costs, the truth is i still don't have to worry about it. life might not be tangibly pre-arranged, but God is still my constant, and ever-present provision. i hope that truth is something that really burrows it's way into my heart this summer. especially since i'll somehow have to finance a round trip ticket so i can still be a bridesmaid in my good friend's august wedding!

this grand cross country move was as much news to me as it was to everyone else. i'd intended on staying in north cackalacky, as we call it {not really, unless the year is 2003 and you're a wanna be rapper}, but in the course of week it became clear that God had other plans. so this summer, i will be watching those glorious plans unfold, and learning again to live to give God glory. i'll also be frequenting this lovely little slice of the world wide web to treat myself to some hannah grams :] 

thanks for having me !!


  1. Wow, you have lots going on this summer! Wishing you the best and a quick job find. Thanks for introducing Bekkah to us, Hannah. :) Hopping to her blog now.
    Catherine Denton

  2. I will definitely be checking out your blog bekkah! I love the title of it^^ (oh and I love CALIFORNIA!)


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