Monday, May 28, 2012

farewell may

I know we still have a few days left of May, but with the weather becoming extremely lot and my life becoming more busy I find myself already saying goodbye to way May and anticipating June. May was such a beautiful month. I finally found my heart accepting that I'm not in Korea anymore. I adjusted to my new community and who I am here. I went through a lot of refining and renewing especially in my mind and in my heart.

I hope to have some time to revamp the blog layout and design. I'm leaving for California in 2 days where I'll be basking in the sun, catching up with old friends, visiting new places and eating a lot of good food. Maybe a break will help with the creative juices to start flowing.

With goodbyes there are always hellos. I want to introduce to you a series I'm HOPING to launch some time in June. I'll probably be asking some of my readers to help me out :) I hope you'll be up for it! The word undone has been coming up and I started to meditate on what it really means. I don't know if I've really come undone - unravel all of me and be completely void of who I am or who I try to be. Have I really let go of the old self and allowed a true transformation to take place in my life or am I still clinging on to bits of the old while trying to live under the new grace of Christ?

What does it mean to be undone in God's presence? I want to hear your stories!


  1. yesterday, my pastor talked about embracing desires in order to live the best possible life, which is what God wants for us. he gave an analogy that this reminded me of. (btw it's a true story) so this guy is on vacation and is walking on a beach with his little son, who has just discovered seashells. his son is so fascinated that he grabs as many as he can hold (wanting to give them to his friends back home). then the dad notices something floating in the ocean like 30 feet from shore. and tells his son to go grab it. his son goes out a bunch of times and keeps coming back saying he can't do it. finally he tells his dad that he cant grab the thing because his hands are full! so after some convincing, the dad gets his son to drop the seashells and go out into the water. when he comes back, it turned out to be this beautiful massive starfish. sometimes we hold on to the petty things in life and then miss amazing opportunities or something. i guess coming undone is getting into what we really want in life and what will really give our lives meaning and doing it. Instead of trying to fill these “purpose gaps” with little things. So maybe repeating “old self” habits are the “petty things” that we do to try to give our lives purpose as opposed to getting down to what will really give us purpose and fulfillment in life.

  2. So looking forward to this series Hannah! I think it'll be a great encouragement for us all =D

  3. Undone, to me, is being broken. It's pouring out your heart without holding back.
    I'm excited for this!
    Have a great time in CA

  4. oooh i cannot wait to read more about being undone! and seriously, where did may go?!

  5. Undone. Un-done. U-n-d- o- n - e.

  6. Hope you're having SO much fun in L.A! Your new series sounds really exciting :)

    And it's been almost two years since I got home and I'm still not over Korea. It's the kind of place that stays with you always :)

  7. I promise a contribution to this, I just gotta finish packing!!!


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