Wednesday, April 4, 2012

good weekend & good friends || my life

What was supposed to be a weekend of epic and crazy adventures ended up being the most random and active weekend of this year so far. My best friends and I were supposed to go sky diving and were mentally ready for it but the weather wasn't so ready.

Instead we enjoyed antique shops, going to the driving range, batting cages, mini-golf course, playing video games, planking in the living room, laughing hysterically to hilarious videos, eating greasy food and non-stop talking. What amazed me about this weekend was that everyone was able to roll with the punches. We planned to go skydiving three months ago and it didn't work out. No one was upset, no one was throwing a tantrum or trying to force the clouds to clear up.

That's the most important thing about friends. To always have fun no matter what you're doing or where you are. You could be milking time by taking random family portraits and cracking each other's backs or skydiving or road tripping or sitting in church and you'll have fun.

I'm really grateful for good weekends and good friends like these.


  1. is that clara behind the zeiss ikon? how is that camera?

    1. we're still taking pictures. i'll show you once it's developed

  2. nice pics! i like the texture of the red shoes on the image


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