Tuesday, April 3, 2012

airplane adventures || video

Watch it on the actual website to see it in HD.

 This is a video we shot about 2 months ago in a really cute cafe in Seoul. I love it because 6 of us (Joanne, Mark, me, Lee Ann, Michael, and Liz) all shot it and acted in it. We all came up with different creative ideas on what to do with our video. It took us about 3 hours to shoot. Eventually the cafe wasn't too happy with us but we ended up with this great video! This being our first collaborated stop motion video I'm pretty impressed.

I love and miss my photo club. When you're in a setting with a lot of creative people, you can't help but come up with silly and fun projects like this. They were all so inspiring and encouraging when it came to photography. Thats what we need in this world. I find that people are always so competitive and wanting to be better than the next person. Not with our club. We were always supporting each other.



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