Thursday, April 19, 2012

366 catch up part 1 || project 366

{78/366 - pizza}
{79/366 - ukelele and the chords}
{80/366 - going for a bike ride}
{81/366 - watching Bolt}
{82/366 - easter eggs}
{83/366 - veggies at the market}
{84/366 - eating Korean}
{85/366 - friends at the gorge}
 {86/366 - babysitting the boys} 
{87/366 - eating galbi}
{88/366 - going for a bike ride}
 {89/366 - food prep}
These are pictures from March 31st to April 14th. I really should be on top of posting a picture a day but I always forget to transfer my pictures from my phone or my SD card on a daily basis. I've missed a few days but I've been doing much better than I thought I would. 
As you can see a lot of food is involved. This summer I'll be cooking a lot more as we've discovered it's a lot cheaper and it's so fun when you're doing it with your friends. 

April is basically halfway done.. Let's finish strong! 


  1. Your Korean food looks so good!

  2. awesome pictures, I LOVE YOUR EASTER EGGS, they look adorable :)

  3. Love your pictures! That pizza makes me so hungry!

  4. AH! I got a ukelele for Christmas and haven't had time to sit down and learn! I can't wait though :) Great pictures!!!!

  5. I can't stop staring at the pizza. It looks. so. yummy.


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