Thursday, March 15, 2012

Go Go Busan || around the world

My friend and I went down to Busan to visit a few of our friends who moved down there earlier this year. The train ride there was so peaceful. It was just what I needed to finish a good book and relax. Busan is Korea's second largest city, but only has a third of Seoul's population. It's amazing because it's right by the ocean so they have many little beaches. The people there are a lot more friendlier and it doesn't feel as busy as it does in Seoul.

We didn't do any sight seeing. I'm not the biggest fan of doing touristy things. I simply love being in the presence of good people and doing normal day things like eating, drinking, laughing and more eating.

{57/366 - Korean countryside}

{58/366 - Gwangali Beach}

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