Saturday, February 11, 2012

shimmery hair accessories || fashion

Barrette for 5,000KRW

Simple shimmery golden hairband for 4,000KRW. It comes in other colors as well. 

There is a store called Apportion in Korea. Such a strange name for what it sells. It's a hair accessory store. I'm not an accessory girl, but I love hair accessories. Some of their products are overpriced, but I've definitely noticed that their quality is much better than the accessories they sell on the streets. 

There are two located in Itaewon. This one above is the bigger one. Just go out of exit 4 and walk straight toward Noksapyeong station. 


  1. I love this shop! There's also one on Rodeo :)

    I really like the hairband, super slim ones are always so pretty!


  2. oooh, nice! wish i knew about this when i was thurrrr

  3. So pretty! I especially love the golden headband, very cute :)


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