Monday, January 23, 2012

year of the dragon || Project 366

{22/366 - Rice Cake Soup}

This is 떡국 which is known as rice cake soup in English. I went to my uncle's house to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This is traditionally eaten on New Year's day or on Lunar New Year's Day. Growing up it was one of my favorite Korean soups to eat. They say you get one year older if you eat it. 

 After I left my aunt and uncle's house I got on the bus to meet a friend. These two cute boys came on the bus and sat right behind me. The one on the right kept kicking my seat. That gave me an excuse to turn around, smile at him and ask their grandfather if I could take a picture. The grandfather was happy that I asked. He kept saying, "You know they're twins". You could tell he was a proud grandfather. Why wouldn't you be if you these two cuties as grandsons?

Typical Korean BBQ with garlic, mushrooms and kimchi grilling. So good after an evening of travelling on a bus. Korean BBQ tastes the best in Korea.  

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