Tuesday, January 31, 2012

miss independent || Project 366

{Project 366. 30/366 - miss independent}
Today was market day at work. Each student brought in things they didn't want, and then they were given ' 3 dollars' to go to different stores (different classrooms) to buy things their friends brought in. Here is Jenny cleaning some toy trains that she bought for her younger sister. She was so cute.  

Here is Jenny again. I gave the students some time to practice reading and memorizing their speech. They each had a partner, but since I have 7 students she was left out. I said she could pick a group to join, but she said she wanted to be alone. Everyone was reading out loud so it was pretty chaotic. Jenny got up and then put her earmuffs on and then went about reading her paper out loud. I admire her independence. 

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