Friday, January 6, 2012

Late Night Fridays || my life

Korean girls in Sinchon
I usually don't stay out too late on Fridays. I try to be home by 11. Tonight was our second Seoul Photo Club meeting. This club is fun because it's a random but amazing group of people that meet at least once a month to take pictures around Seoul. We're not professional, but we make an effort to know our cameras and what to do in certain environments. Each time we meet we have different assignments. Tonight we went out to Sinchon to practice shooting at night. Our assignment was to approach at least one person and ask them if we could take their picture. The night was an exciting one. We went up to a balcony of the U-Plex mall. Some of us climbed over the fence and stood on the edge to look over the city. We wandered around the bar street, hit up some batting cages, danced to K-pop, took ghost pictures in a tunnel and I fell in a hole. The night ended up with MR, EH and me travelling to the northern area of the city because of bus communication failures and I came home at around after midnight. Good night nevertheless.

My first week of January is over. It was a slow but beautiful week. I spent some time cleaning my room. I bought a scheduler to help with my weekly schedules and budgeting. I also bought a 3-year diary to help me get in the habit of writing, even if it's a few sentences. 2012 has gotten off to a good start. Even if there a few bumps here and there, I feel like I can do anything I want to. I'm feeling very motivated and inspired lately. I want to be proactive in everything that I decide to do. 2012 will be a successful year. A year of breaking bad habits and developing good ones. 

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