Monday, January 30, 2012

January for Hannah || my video

Around November or December 2010 I started to watch a lot of Wong Fu Productions videos just for fun. I was so impressed by what they were doing. I was so inspired to see 3 seemingly average guys living out their dreams. Through their video blogs you could see that they were always so humble about how far they had come. I had this urge to make a video, but I was too afraid of failing, too afraid of criticism, too afraid of being overlooked. But here we are. I'm over it. It's 2012 and I finally did it. No story. No script. Nothing but my Nikon D5100, a 50mm prime lens, a good song and great people in my life. I'm so thankful for my friends here that have inspired me as they have also been filming and making their own monthly videos.

For me to share this video with you is a big deal. I never make videos for fun. I'm usually asked to make a video for some conference or event. I've never taken a film course. I don't have any official training it. I barely know how to use my DSLR to it's fullest potential, let alone even know what kind of functions I have on it. I'm amazed that I actually spent time to film, edit, upload AND share this video. It's nothing special. It's just the random things that I did this past month. Since I just bought this camera in December I've been slowly using it more and more. I carry my camera wherever I go so that I can keep up with Project 366. I find myself filming random clips and snapping photos more than I ever did before.

(Watch it in HD)


  1. I love it <3 I probably got wrinkles from smiling so hard the entire time hahaha~ Love you Hannah Love Yoon!!! Looking forward to seeing more ;]

  2. fantastic video, hannah! loved the "indie feel" to it.

  3. great video hannah! I love Two door! Video is definitely time consuming, but the end result is so worth it, right? :)


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