Friday, January 13, 2012

Children are Cute || Project 366

{12/366 - victoria}

This is Victoria. She's really cute but really peculiar. She doesn't respond when you say hi or hug her. She always looks like she's thinking deeply about something. I'm sure she is. 

{in love}
Here is Esther and Valentino holding hands. They're dating. They're also 7 and barely talk to each other. I just found it really cute that they were holding hands on the bus ride to our field trip. On the way back to school all the children were talking about them and marriage. Hilarious hearing what their opinions are on marriage. 


  1. Aww bless, how cute are they!

    The blog is coming along very nicely, your pics are looking ace, what lens are you using?


    1. Thanks so much! I'm using the 50mm 1.4D lens. When you come back to Korea we should go shopping for lenses together. I'm in need of a new one!


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